Monday, September 27, 2010

dew point

It's been muggy all day.  It rained last night and although it stopped the clouds never really left us.  Warm, muggy, dew point in upper 60's.  As soon as the temperature dropped below 70 (about 7:00pm) a real nice fog started forming on the sound.  Yes.  I know that fog isn't so nice for boaters or aviators...but for photographers...nice.  It was interesting how many people just sort of appeared, all with cameras.  I got to meet several neighbors for the first time.

It got dark about 7:20 and the ferry arrived back at the docks about 7:23.  You do the best you can.

Friday, September 24, 2010

in town

driving out of town tonight, Friday, rush hour, dreading "dancing with the fools" in traffic I noticed a couple of news vans with crews preparing to do something so I decided to gawk.  Whatever they were preparing for didn't happen but I did get to people watch for a bit.

I heard this young woman doing the same thing I was about to do, actually I heard the motorized film advance.  Another film user...oh boy.  Turns out she's a college student taking a photography course(s).  She of course didn't know anything about the iPhone's artistic capabilities (this is really fun).

"That's a GOOD picture of me.  Now that I look at the image I can see that taking a good picture of her is not so difficult a task, probably a lot easier than taking a bad picture of her.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lakewold Meanderings

Lakewold is a very lovely garden property in the community next to mine.  Spent the afternoon "cruizin'" the grounds with the buds, the xPan and of course the iPhone.  Lovely way to spend a few hours.

"I'm about to throw some tomatoes in the griddle to fry..."  "Devil's in the jukebox jumpin' on the rythym and blues." Who writes lyrics like that anyway.  Shout out to JB...thanks bud.

Most sane folks see an old man dancing by himself they tend to leave a large buffer!

at times I see you Silver Rider
Robert Plant

Sunday, September 19, 2010

still summer

officially it's still summer although the weather started shouting "Winter!" a couple of weeks ago.  This global cooling is tiresome sometimes.

Hipstamatic, CameraBag, frames by Akvis

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Buffalo Steam Roller Co

Columbia (river) Gorge.  Geologically spectacular.  I discovered a property filled with old equipment.  Trucks, Cat's, Logging equipment etc.  I could easily have spent a week browsing and photographing.

iPhone, CameraBag, Iris, frames by PhotoGene

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cup of soup

Stopped in a local restaurant for a cup of soup.  Sat at the counter as I like to do in restaurants.  Met Dennis Frehard Johnson, 84, cancer survivor.
"Went by Dennis but it's a common name so then I was Dennis F for years." "Then a Dennis F made the papers for a DUI and I've been Frehard ever since."

Frehard told his wife he was going for a walk and ducked in for soup.  All the waitresses smiled and talked to him...a lot.  He's done this before I bet.  We agreed that the soup was good and that it matters little why the young women smile at you...just that they do is good enough.

Buon Opportuno Frehard.

Image taken with iPhone 4.1's new HDR feature.  There's a slight ghosting in the background but it added brightness to his face.  I like this feature.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tri-X. Remember me?

This was an interesting exercise (for me).  These 2 images are Tri-X, ASA 400, Hassaelblad xPan.

The images were scanned at 3340 x 8150 (tall image) and 5035 x 3340.  Yup.  That's correct. 27 megapixels and 17 megapixels (lots of information on film).  I processed the images in Aperture: levels, contrast, mid-contrast, USM.  I also sent un manipulated images to my iPad and processed them in Photoforge, slight S curve, USM and added a dark vignette border in Photogene.  They look pretty similar on my screens.

Of course I did downsize the images.



Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A trail from my neighborhood

starting behind City Hall it runs a couple miles through the woods and to the ocean, (Puget Sound).  It's a favorite.

6 iPhone images combined in Autostitch.  Panoramics are a fun exercise but not very practical.  This image if printed at 8" tall comes out to be about 3 feet long.  Also, the beach really isn't "V" shaped.  I like the image though, it captures the mood of the day.

bottom and right of center is the top of my grand daughter's hat.  Left in the image purposely.

One neat thing about the cooler weather

My grand daughters and I get to wear these funky hats again.