Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cup of soup

Stopped in a local restaurant for a cup of soup.  Sat at the counter as I like to do in restaurants.  Met Dennis Frehard Johnson, 84, cancer survivor.
"Went by Dennis but it's a common name so then I was Dennis F for years." "Then a Dennis F made the papers for a DUI and I've been Frehard ever since."

Frehard told his wife he was going for a walk and ducked in for soup.  All the waitresses smiled and talked to him...a lot.  He's done this before I bet.  We agreed that the soup was good and that it matters little why the young women smile at you...just that they do is good enough.

Buon Opportuno Frehard.

Image taken with iPhone 4.1's new HDR feature.  There's a slight ghosting in the background but it added brightness to his face.  I like this feature.

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