Sunday, October 10, 2010


My first 35mm camera was a rangefinder, American name,  I think it was Ansco.  I just realized it's coming up on five-oh years ago.  How'd that happen?

At any rate over the last several years I seem to have accumulated a collection of rangefinders, I don't know why.  I tell myself that I'm getting them for a song and except for the xPan that's correct.  But then I spend hours cleaning, replacing seals, adjusting, repairing them,  all the while running film through them to see how they're doing so a song becomes a whole bunch o songs.  I keep thinking I will sell them but know that I would put whatever I made towards another rangefinder...perhaps with a red dot on it.  It would be interesting to go somewhere though and only carry 1 film camera and not 3.

These are the ones I've used this past year.


  1. nice collection there. Xpan ... don't see them round much anymore :-)

  2. Ahh the xPan. It's special. I keep thinking to sell it while it has value but what would I do without it?

  3. don't sell it ... if you sell it you'll just spend the money ... now you have the Xpan