Friday, December 3, 2010

First ZeroImage shots

Well here are the first two.  I learned a bunch.  For one thing if I can see the "Shutter" the camera can see me.  Whoops.

This is a very wide angle, I didn't understand just how wide it is.  If I do my non scientific calculations, 4x5 would have a diagonal of about 6.4".  The distance from pinhole to film is approximately 3/4 inch.  Hmm.  I come up with about a 35mm equivalent 8.5mm lens.  That is wide.  In the images below: the camera was about 1" from the canon, in image 2 the tripod, camera (and me of course) were on the sidewalk, perhaps a foot and a half from the steps.

I learned that the free App is well worth 99 cents, it did a great job.  I also learned through research that due to reciprocity characteristics TMax 100 (or Acros) are actually faster films than TMax 400 with very long exposures

I also need to triple check the built in bubble level before I expose the film.

The business end of an A-10 Warthog.

St Spiridon's as photographed by Homer..."Do-ope"

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