Monday, March 14, 2011

iPhoneography Challenge

My friend and fellow iPhoneographer Dan Sniffin offered one of his images for interpretation.  I think 15 of us accepted the challenge.  The results, in a word, are staggering.  Below is Dan's original image and the 23 interpretations by other iPhoneographers.  Way to hit it out of the park on the first pitch Dan.


  1. Great examples! I couldn't take on the additional work of the subgroup but I'm sure glad to be part of the main group of iphoneographers!!

  2. nice looking stuff :-)

    must say however the HTC desire's camera is attracting me down this path

  3. I may use this example to teach or respond to those who say... digital tools like Nik or Topaz (or APPS) make everyones images look the same.... RIIIGGGGHHHT. NOT! This was such a great idea and so instructive.

    And obakesan.... If you are saying the HTC is gonna do this, think again. The Droid camera sucks to be honest This is a confirmed fact not opinion... if you want a decent camera you'll need an iPhone... seriously....

  4. You're correct John, this was an outstanding idea.

    Chris: if you're considering meandering down this path I believe you will be very pleasantly surprised at the "Old methods" it re awakens in you. I might also parrot what John said and strongly encourage you to consider the iPhone. I don't know about cellular plans and costs there in OZ so that may be driving your decision. I've never really used the Android copy but I have noted that folks who own them, or are considering them seem to speak a LOT about mega-pixels or about free Apps. These two are dead giveaways to me that unfortunately they just don't get it.

    The Apps, the groups and, with Steve Jobs, the innovation are all with the iPhone.

  5. thanks guys ... will do a side by side on the iPhone and HTC ... the HTC is annoying me for other reasons than this blog is intended to go into...