Thursday, July 7, 2011

A New Sheriff

Since it's introduction, over 2 years ago, VintBW was the undisputed home-run king of B&W Apps.  I've been using the newest contender, Simply B&W for a week and it pretty consistently slaps them outa the park.  Move over Big Papi.

The results of these 2 Apps are very very similar.  In fact whenever I've thought I discovered a difference it turned out to be a mistake I had made.  The App though is a whole lot more convenient to use, and for that reason I will use it a whole lot more often.  For one thing it doesn't just throw everything away if you happen to leave the App before it's done, for another it will process saved images.

The ability to throw a thin white border around the image (or black if you like) is really helpful.  The filters it offers are fun. I've taken real advantage of R, Y, O to "dramaticize" cloudy skies and I was playing with the Blue filter in the garden today.  Yes I did say Blue.  I found I was able to do 2 interesting things, turn blue flowers into white of course but also the blue really darkened the green background foliage dramatically isolating the flowers.

The wind picked up on the following 2 images and the focus was slightly off (my fault), I sharpened them (twice actually) and can see now that they are oversharpened.

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