Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meeting friends for the first time

An interesting experience when using the "Web" is getting to know people whom you've never met.  I'm perhaps not alone in referring to people as friends even though having never actually seen them in "real life."

I've followed, admired and learned from the iPhone Photography of Harry Sandler for iPhone years.   I recently met and photographed with him in Washington's Olympic Peninsula. Thanks to fellow iPhone Photographer Teri Lou Dantzler for setting that up.  It was a great 2 days and it was wonderful walking with someone who has as much trouble as I trying to keep up with TL when she's bounding up a mountain.

One very interesting use Harry makes of his iPhone is as a view finder for his 60 MP Swiss Arca.


  1. I really like that finder. I already use my coolpix as my lightmeter but that's great!

    I also like that last picture, best use of one of those filters I've seen yet :-)