Friday, October 14, 2011

New Toy-First Images

My iPhone 4S arrived today.  I was able to activate it right from  My first impressions of the camera are quite favorable.  It's clear and it's fast.

A favorite Camera App is ClearCam which takes 4 shots quickly, analyzes them and saves the sharpest.  With the 4S, ClearCam takes and analyzes 6 shots in exactly the same amount of time.  The images are larger, 8MB and they appear to be sharper as well.  Not bad for a sensor which is probably about the size of a grain of rice.


  1. pictures are good, this aspect of the new iPhone is definately on the up ... but as you mention you have to activate it in iTunes ... this is one thing I don't like. I buy a phone, I put in my SIM and it works.

    I guess I'm just old fashioned, but if I bought a camera from company and had to activate it on a web app I'd be taking it back.

    its one of the things which keeps me from buying into Mac "Koolaide"

  2. Sold...great clear images!

  3. I understand, Chris. There has always been an almost cult-like feeling about Apple products. Not being much of a "joiner" I understand one's aversion to the koolaid. I personally always believed that was due to the fact they worked so darn well. One thing I might mention's a phone. When you buy a new phone you don't swing bye the store to either buy the phone or to see what advancements they have in SIM cards? I always did.
    Now I don't have to (they're VERY crowded when a new iPhone arrives)

    (too, it's possible to activate from the phone itself...the screen on my Mac is larger though...& it can also be SIM card activated if I wished)

  4. Hi Charles

    Currently I'm on Nokia (and the cam sucks) and I"m thinking of getting an Android phone (Samsung GIO, which has a slightly better phone). Perhaps its because I'm a PC user from way back (with a brief foray into Mac with Mac OS 7) that I do check check out the phones and then expect to just slip my SIM in ... not sure if you have that system over in the USofA but its how we do it in Aus and in Europe.

    As much as I like the vetting against malware that iPhone provides I'm still a little dodgy about their business model (like try to buy a replacement battery which I've done on my Nokia a few times over they years I've had them).

    Please don't interpret this as any sort of slight on a any persons choice. I just don't like "closed shops" (like Apple once fought against).

  5. err .. GIO which has a slightly better phone-cam)


  6. I was a big Nokia user, and had to be pried away from my phone (My youngest daughter is quite persuasive). I objected to learning a new OS, I didn't like that the iPhone had no buttons, the thing was a bit too wide for my tastes...blah blah blah. Then I discovered Apps and they changed the entire game.

    No slight felt at all. Competition is one of the greatest things we have.

    The Apps though. Chris, Android is moving in the right direction (slowly) but they're just not there yet. It's hard to explain the Apps properly if you aren't using them but...imagine Photoshop offering just exactly the features you want, doing so for 99 cents, and having literally thousands of competitors for the same product...and you didn't need a PC to use it. It really is a new ball game...and slight differences in cameras are less than meaningless. And that's just the photography Apps.

    PC's / Macs. It doesn't matter. I've worked on and with computers of all sizes since the 1960's and about the only thing I remember is whether they worked for me...or they didn't.

  7. Some carriers use SIM cards (AT&T & T-Mobile). I have always seemed to have a unit that did, so I am familiar with them. The iPhone interestingly enough works on AT&T system either with or without a SIM card. Don't know how it does that.

    It does indeed have a spot for the SIM card.