Saturday, October 1, 2011

G.A.S attack

Friend and fellow iPhone Photographer, John Barclay writes in his blog about a newly acquired, used Nikon D-300.  I have to admit to a rush of Gear Acquisition Syndrome myself...GAS attack.

After numerous "conversations" with photographer Chris Eastwood I followed his lead and purchased a used Panasonic G series micro 4/3 camera.

I have been on a steadfast path to smaller and smaller cameras ending with the best yet...the iPhone.  There are however a few things I miss about a larger camera.  Isolation of subject via narrow focus is perhaps what I miss the most.  Another thing I seem to need more and more often is a viewfinder.   Small cameras are terrific and getting terriffic-er all the time but having everything in focus all the time isn't always an advantage.  Also for the once or perhaps twice a year I need a long lens...this will work. 

At any rate, the tendency of digital equipment to see it's cost evaporate rather quickly worked in my favor.  I found a used G-2 for sale through B&H a trustworthy outfit.  The plan was (is) to use my Nikon lenses but B&H also gave me a $100 discount on a lens, so I picked up a pretty sweet f1/7 20mm pancake lens for $249...the same price as the camera body.  Good lenses seem to always hold their value.

The camera arrived the other day and I don't think it's ever been out of the's not used at all, still had the manufacturer's registration/warranty card...sweet.

It doesn't fit into my shirt pocket but it does fit quite easily into a jacket pocket...and as we wear jackets 9 or 10 months a year up here there's always a pocket available.

Some images:  size comparison with my iPhone and my Canonet 17, a small film camera...and a few shots from the G2.

iPhone image
 Canonet, Tri-X image

iPhone image

G2 images


  1. Charles

    glad to hear you're still happy :-)

    between the 20 and your nikon 50 I think you'll have it covered. Don't be afraid to use the 50 fully open either as its lovely. The 50 at f1.8 (or 2) is better than any image stabilisation on an f4 lens beause you get faster shutters so the subject appears frozen (and anyone who's held one of these knows they don't sit still long)
    (taken with a 50mm@f1.8)

  2. say, that iPhone 4S is sure looking nice. I wouldn't only want that

  3. will let you know next week...have one ordered.