Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mixing Processes

In the midst of an otherwise gloomy-stormy week we had a brief 10 minute blue sky window.  The fact that it was sunset made for a dramatic sky.  I took a handful of iPhone images which I am working now but also grabbed a shot with my new toy, the Lumix G2.

I processed the image with Film Lab, an Aperture plug-in made by DxO Labs.  The resulting image, an Ektachrome simulation, I sent to my iPad and processed in the App PhotoForge 2.  I like the results.


  1. so this is the iPhone? Interesting vignetting and flare there.

    very interesting shapes underside of the cloud

  2. Thanks Chris. The underside of the cloud is what I noticed also...turns out to be a bit of an optical illusion but striking nonetheless.

    No, actually this is a G2 image which was run through an iPhone App (where the vignetting and flare came from).

  3. ahh, ok. So you transfer the image to the ipad via sd media then work on it? Just not sure where the iPad came into the flow here.

    pardon me

  4. iPhone Photography is for me more about the Apps than the camera. Introducing his new device, the iPhone, Steve Jobs described the camera as almost an afterthought..."it has a pretty good camera..." or something like that. The apps transformed a "pretty good camera" into something really exciting.

    The iPad, with it's "real computer" chip and larger screen is quite capable dealing with the images from other cameras. Not a lot of this being done yet as far as I can tell but whenever I try I am happy with the results.

    Also, there is an App store for the Mac. Many of the iPhone App developers also offer desktop versions of these same Apps. They cost a few $$ more but they have additional features and run on a larger screen. I'm almost completely weaned from Photoshop and in fact got off the "upgrade-train" at V3