Saturday, September 26, 2009

Best Camera App

Chase Jarvis is a quite accomplished photographer and also the developer of a new App...Best Camera.  This App enters an area that seems to be bursting with Apps, photography.  At $2.99 it's on the expensive side but it promises to do the work of several other Apps and if that's true it's a great thing to have.  (The trouble doesn't seem to be buying the Apps so much as finding the time to properly learn and use them).  Because of this promise and also because Chase's name is associated with it I bought a copy.  So far the jury is still out.  The App comes with 14 "Filters" which perform actions on the image.  The first 4 on the list are called Signature Filters.

On the positive side it can help create some lovely images and it is easy to send the results to wherever I like.  In the image of the red tug I used the App to apply a (double) vignette, warm the image, crop it square and apply a white border.  Very easy to do and I like the results.  Also, it saves the results at full resolution which to me is a big deal.  My favorite App of all "Camera Bag" doesn't seem to be able to figure this out and so I don't use it as often as I might.

On the "Still needs work" side I am finding that the signature filters seem to apply very high contrast and in fact blow out the highlights.  I have checked several images and find the histograms to be within limits.  They may be toward the right but not to the point that information is lost.  The image of the trees with spider webs is an example of this.  Although a high contrast style is quite often very eye catching it's certainly not the only "look" for a photographer.

To be fair this App has only just been released...version 1.0 so to speak.  Here's hoping for further refinements.

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