Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Initial Post

I am finding myself using my iPhone's camera every day and have started this blog to post incidental images and observations about Apps.

Walking through the mist in the park the other morning with my Grand daughters I was struck by the dew on the plants. There's nothing particularly unusual about the clover image but I like it.

I made 2 B&W interpretations using 2 different Apps. PhotoGene (Photo Genie) does a good job with levels, contrast and exposure. I Auto adjusted the levels, de saturated the image and pumped up the contrast a bit. The image is the grayer of the two.

Tiffen (the filter people) have 2 Apps, Photo fx which I used on this image and Cool fx. I selected a B&W filter and then Dramatic. The Tiffen Apps sem to have layers, which I haven't explored yet.

Both PhotoGene and the Tiffen Apps save the image in full size which many, but not all Apps do.

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