Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cloudy Days

Well now that it's summer the temps here will rocket up to almost 70, but then the clouds cruise on bye and the temps are back in the mid 60's.  The clouds though are great.  I'm shooting a TON of bracketed shots on the iPhone, this is one of them.  I was struck with how WW II -ish this building looked, contrasted buy the bright red porch (?).  I used iCameraHDR to bring out the saturated reds but wasn't crazy about the other colors being saturated also.

An App called PhotoWizard is my go-to masking tool, I masked the building and then desaturated.  PhotoForge filter Sin City removes colors with a slider, I removed 'till I had the mottled look I wanted, sharpened and called it good.  I tried a version without the yellow in the sign but didn't feel any differently about it.

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