Thursday, June 16, 2011

Slow Shutter Cam

After discussing the App with a Beta tester I was anxious for Slow Shutter Cam's introduction about a year ago.  Upon release this App combined multiple screen shots into a slow shutter type photographic effect.  Initially an exciting concept but kind of a difficult to master "One trick pony" that produced very tiny images it has developed into an exceptional creative tool.  Along the way the developer, Cogitap Software, has made several improvements and additions which not only improve this App but help show other App developers a new trick or two.  For instance Slow Shutter cam now produces images up to full resolution. (other Apps take advantage of screen shots but produce unusably tiny images)

With the latest upgrade last month I noticed 4 additional capabilities: a Bulb setting; Live Preview; improved Exposure Control; and Freeze Frame which I have yet to test.  The first two give me the ability to watch an image be painted onto the screen and when I think the exposure is correct to stop the exposure.  The improvements to Exposure Control are allowing me a bit more repair of an image (noise reduction) after capture but before saving.  Dependent upon ones ability to creatively use the small screen I think there are some exciting possibilities here.

The fourth, Freeze Control moves emphasis of the final image from first to last image with a slider control.  I have a few ideas about trying this with some across the screen movements, either of subjects moving or by panning the camera.  These ideas are in the "Gotta try this real soon" area of my mind.  Things get lost in there though, more and more as I get older I'm afraid.

The image below was taken with Slow Shutter Cam, Light Trail Mode, B shutter setting and a high "Sensitivity" which is somewhat like f stop I think (more testing required).

Taken at a beaver pond on a grey and rainy day last month.  As best as I could on the tiny screen I tried to get as much exposure into the dark areas- in the foreground for example and along the back edge of the pond while keeping the sky from completely blowing out and flaring.  The images looked pretty good at the time so I didn't try too many exposures, 3 total I believe.  All in all I like the exposure.

Although it changed the mood of the day from grey and dreary to almost sunny the slow shutter effect was very interesting to me.  The water took on a glow which I could watch develop on the screen.  Also,  I watched almost clear reflections of trees develop on the screen but was completely unable to see them on the pond itself due to the rain hitting it.  The camera picked up things I couldn't ... fun.

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