Friday, June 17, 2011

Hat & Boots

The Hat & Boots was a Seattle landmark for years, built in the 1950's as a gas station (Texaco I believe) it lasted 'till the late 1980's.  Age, neglect and vandalism pretty much finished them off and one day they were gone.  I found out several years later that they had been restored and sat in Hat & Boots City Park in Georgetown, half a dozen blocks from where they

An outstanding photographer, Karen Messick has been doing some color saturated work lately with an App ClassicPan.  I'm familiar with the Classic Apps having used ClassicTOY in the past.  This and another App, Lenses always excited me with the colors shown on the iPhone but once on the big screen they never seemed to hold up.  But as this was Pre-Grunge (PG) and Pre Painter I decided to give them another try.

The boots are ClassicPan as interpreted by AutoPainter II, felt tip.

Hat and Boots incorporates the famous "Manny-Apps" (many) and reminded me of the joke about the inventor of cottage do you know when it's done.  Actually I had piled more effects onto the image but dialed some back.
Lenses Vivid which produced a very saturated, low resolution image.  Iris Comic Scene furthered the saturation and subdued some of the detail.  This was then blended back with the original.  An AutoPainter II version of the original was made which was blended with the previous blend. (tip...when stealing ideas, always steal from a great artist, Karen's use of this very blending idea transferred perfectly).   I found I liked the impact of LoMob  on the resulting image and also the Polaroid type frame works.  Impressions for text.

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