Monday, June 20, 2011

Making White

The App ClassicPAN has an Exposure Control which seems to work so I got to thinking about making white.  White is not an easy color to photograph without various controls, white balance and Exposure Control for example.  I tried various ways with degrees of success but the easiest of all was unexpected.  I pressed SAVE in an App called iDroste and almost immediately changed my mind and hit CANCEL.  I expected it to just stop but rather it gave me a small bit of my image on top of a white "page." A bit of cropping and I have made white.

One use of a white image would be as background for edges and frames.  Another would be to get a good look at various surface treatments such as textures or grunge.  In fact as an increasing number of Apps have the ability to make and save Presets a white image would be an ideal starting point for making custom effects.  I haven't done an extensive search of iPhone Apps yet but I know that some desktop Apps will accept files made elsewhere so the combinations could be quite exciting.

Here are a couple from Grungetastic and a few from some other frame making software.

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  1. I guess I don't need to say how much it shits me photographing white and getting grey :-)