Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Enjoying photography with the iPhone as much as I do it makes sense that I communicate with other iPhoneographers and follow their work.  Lately it seems there have been numerous discussions about the term iPhoneography and some feel it requires boundaries...rules.  For instance is an iPhone image post processed on a computer still iphoneography.  Some people accept the iPad and some wish to except it.  Kinda non-sensical I think.

The following 4 images were not captured with the iPhone and I don't pass them as such. Each was with a Nikon DSLR, one with an IR filter.  They were however gleefully processed on the iPhone in an app called Live FX.  This App has a shake  randomizer which applies different filter combinations with each shake.  Just a blast to use.

It's just too cool that I can transfer other digital and film images to my iPhone or iPad and take advantage of the creative tools available to me.  In fact the only thing I might wish to do that there's presently no app for is utilize printer profiles when sending work out to Costco or Adorama for printing.  Other than that Photoshop collects dust.

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