Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Palouse & frost

OK.  Not iPhone.  I was reviewing some images to transfer to the iPad (there's the connection) and found these taken early on a frosty morning in February.


  1. there's some lovely images in there .. what perchance were they taken with?

  2. Hi Chris, thank you. The first 2 were with the Sigma DP1 and the others with Canon S-90. I increasingly love to use either film or small digital cameras

  3. you know, I'm wondering if you wouldn't benefit from looking at a GF-1 / E-PL1 or something of that nature. The 20mm on the GF gives a nice working "standard lens" and you can also pop on a cheapie FD or Pentax 110 50mm lens for some nice portraits too. Small and light combination (if not as cheap as your iPhone or S-90.

    Sometimes I find the lack of zoom gives me better images of the event / time / location.

    then there is the lovely compact 35mm film cameras too ... (since you mention them ;-) A mate of mine still uses his MJU camera (with a 35mm f2.8 lens) its the younger brother of the trip 35

    happy photography

  4. I'm not so sure I see another DSLR in my future Chris although the small 4/3 units are nice looking. Bought a brand new Nikon F in 1971 and used it for 30 years. I went a bit digital crazy recently, Nikon DSLR, always anxious for the next one which would do everything for me and do it better than I could. Turns out that simpler is better for me. Loving my iPhone images. Really like the S-90 for low light and street photography and the DP1 with it's Foveon sensor does magic with colors. I still burn film, 35mm mostly but have been known to take an occasional 6x6mm or even 4x5.

  5. especially love the b&w. Wouldn't even consider doing the Palouse in b&w, yet in winter it really works. great stuff as always Dick

  6. >I'm not so sure I see another DSLR in my future

    sure, which was why I was suggesting the GF or E-P cameras ... nearly the same size as the DP1 (couple of mm in each dimension)

    Must say though, that the DP-1 is hard to beat in so many ways too ...

    in terms of portability I must say that the iPhone is pretty unbeatable as the "best camera being the one with you"

    what ever, keep doing what youre doing and its interesting to read of the cunning apps you find for that iPhone :-)