Sunday, August 8, 2010

Local Camera Stores

Local camera stores are pretty much a thing of the past.  With few exceptions they've all become victims of the digital age.  On the one hand the technology changes so fast that it's nearly impossible for a store to stock the latest and greatest and not get caught with antiques when the bar moves...usually in a few days, weeks at the most.  On the other hand there's the internet where competition for today's absolutely latest gizmo is hyper.  Fortunately for me my favorite camera store seems to be doing OK.  They're a chain, perhaps you've heard of them...Goodwill.

I browse their camera shelf quite often finding an Olympus XA, XA4!!! and a Nikon L35AF at various times, each for just a few $$ (3 for the XA with flash and 7 for the Nikon).  Yesterday I spied a Yashica (Kyocera) T4 Super...$5.99 before my 10% senior discount.  This camera has a beautiful Zeiss T 35mm lens and has a waist level finder they call a Super Scope.  The waist level finder is what attracted me to this camera.

Searching through my stuff for a 123 battery I also found an old roll of WalMart 400 film.  Made by Fuji this film was very expired.  Slapped it in and started snapping.  Let the Girlies take pictures of each other, their parents and me, followed Miss E around the store for a while, brought the film to Costco and wow!!! 

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  1. I know ... still ... its a bargain paradise for us at the moment. FD lenses to fit onto my G1 are stunningly cheap.