Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Iris Photo Suite

If you didn't grab a copy of Iris while it was free (huh??), grab it now at 99 cents.  I'm anxious for the iPad version, whenever they develop that.
They have added additional capabilities, one shown below.  I knew someone would do this but kinda thought it would be Tiffin.

I recently read an article by a software developer blasting Apps as being all priced way too low.  His premise was that we wouldn't see any "Good" apps 'till pricing got up to where they could make some real money.  Apps like Iris stuff that premise where the sun don't shine.

Hipstamatic Image

Random Texture available for free on the internet

"Ding" Fries are done!

There are a lot of controls built into Iris such as order of layers (it makes a difference), blurring, intensity, multiple layers etc.  Incredible.


  1. glad I got it while it was free...would have hated to pay .99 for something that wasn't any good....:)! great image Dick

  2. Very funny Do.

    So Dick... Can I paint out the texture what I want to as well? If so THAT would be the BOMB!