Thursday, August 19, 2010

motivation and film vs digital

Stopped in to a coffee shop the other day and met Andreas Goldemann.  As I was reviewing images on my iPad Andreas, a motivational speaker from Germany was writing his second book on his iPad.  When he saw that I had a film camera as well as my iPhone he mentioned that film is preferable to digital as it captures a person's entire aura while digital just gets an image.

Didn't know that.

Yet another reason I still use so much film.


  1. I like the first shot a lot ... iPhone?

    speaking of Aura

  2. Hi Chris. Yes iPhone. I use the Hipstamatic App for the overwhelming majority of my iPhone images. This App simulates an inexpensive plastic camera and produces unusual and often unexpected results.

  3. Huh? Poppycock... I can sense his Aura just fine with these iPhone shots. The viewer just needs to be tuned in.

    Great series of images Dick.