Saturday, November 20, 2010

Art ??

There is a respected center for photographic art in Seattle.  They offer classes, workshops, seminars and exhibitions in their facilities.  I have seen some "Game changing" exhibitions there.  Last night 4 faculty members lectured and displayed selected images (projected).  In a nutshell I shoulda stayed home.

It's probably just me.  I figure a person is a curmudgeon about the time they enjoy being called one...couple years ago for me....but.  I gotta ask:  Does art have a definition?  Does this definition have anything at all to do with real people and real situations?  Is art about pretentious nonsense about sleeping on materials to get a feel for them and give them a feel for you?  Are these people really drawing a salary for this?  Huh?

It started off well.  The first speaker works with pinhole cameras.  His few displayed images gave me an idea or two for iPhoneography.  Then he spent way too long displaying dark brooding pencil drawings an architect made in the 1920's accompanied by his reading of the architects brooding and meaningless journal.  That the architect was influenced by Kafka was obvious but so the hell what?

Another speaker went on and on about incomprehensible dream sequences she had as a child.  The final speaker showed several images of people.  First it was all legs and feet because  "didn't want to get into that whole thing about am I pretty enough or am I too old."  Then when she did show images of peoples faces she admitted she only photographed friends as photographing strangers was too emotionally charged for her.

At that point to quite the philosopher Popeye..."I've had all I can stands.  I can't stands no more!" and I was outa there.

C'mon folks.  Pull up your socks, get an iPhone or something, get out there and take some goddamn pictures!

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  1. Hysterical Dick. I enjoyed reading this very much.