Tuesday, November 30, 2010

reminders of what's important.

A friend blogged yesterday about a financial setback he'd received followed by a reminder of what's important.

At the time he was feeling that life had dealt him a body blow my family was going through a financial body blow as well.  Ruthless and reckless lawyers financially attacked my youngest daughter completely stripping her of assets.  This was a major setback to her, and to the entire family for several reasons and will take some time to get everything put back on an even keel.

As this was unfolding my oldest daughter who has suffered from a very very aggressive case of MS for 5 years announced that the experimental drug she takes has begun to give her back her sense of balance.  THIS IS HUGE!!  For this advancement we would have paid many times the $ thousands that were taken.


  1. Amen Dick. Good news for your daughter. Sorry about the legal issues and financial mess.

  2. glad to hear there is light in the dark place. I guess you've heard the joke of:

    what is black and tan and looks good on a lawer?

    a doberman

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