Monday, November 1, 2010

Performing a public service

Sunday afternoon, rural Maine, shortly after attending services in a small country church I was attracted to this structure.  I liked the addition made to the original barn and the red roof was great.  I tried to get an award winning image but got these instead.  The story however is that I was driving a rental car with NY plates and a couple a two tree farm vehicles went bye while I was standing there...just starting to drizzle.  It dawned on me that I gave the locals who passed something to share at the grocery store, restaurant, gas station...

"I was drivin' down the Fullah (fuller) road t'other day and there's this fella from New Yawk standin' in a doryud in the rain, mud up to his ankles,  takin' a pictah of HOSS MANUAH."
(doryud is Maine speak for door yard which is Maine speak for driveway)

At any rate I am delighted to give back to the community any way that I can.