Tuesday, November 23, 2010

tertiary markets & contrarians

I have always been an early adopter.  I am just fascinated with technology.  The iPhone is one such fascinating device.  My youngest daughter may have caught the bug from me and although I resisted at first she convinced me of the iPhone's merits about version 2.  Even so, photography with the device while convenient just didn't quite get it somehow.

Then came some kick ass creativity in the Apps.  The first eye opener for me was Camera Bag.  Previous Apps dealt with making images sharper or with kids games...putting your face on a monkey's body or some such.  When I first tried CameraBag my mind said "OH!!"  Later came a whole host of wonderful efforts such as textures, grunge, manipulation and the marvelous Hipstamatic.

The iPhoneography "movement" has progressed through the early adopter stage into the professional stage, probably the tertiary market I don't know.  The professional embrace of the medium is producing imagery which is exciting, invigorating and downright humbling.  That this is only the beginning is overwhelming.

My personal growth with digital, once I got over the urge to take hundreds of similar images, moved quickly towards smaller and smaller imagers.  The DP1 with a large sensor in a shirt pocket camera, Canon's S90 with it's wonderful low light capabilities in an even smaller body.  These were fun and also fed my contrarian nature.  The iPhone continues that tradition.  If I am truthful with myself (I don't really like to be) then I understand that I'm a contrarian because I don't have world class skills. I supplant that by producing images with unusual devices.  Now that the iPhone is being embraced by many others I am just thrilled by the creativity boosts I get from them and their wonderful work.  That I am participating in groups such as the FaceBook iphoneography group is just great for me...and once again humbling.


  1. its not always about skills, its about satisfying yourself with what you do.

    does your art satisfy you?

    does it express something (or help you to express something)

    enjoy :-)

    PS ... did you get my emails?

  2. I did get your e-mail, thank you. I went with ZeroImage, it's more expensive but very pretty and it's shipped so hopefully I'll be burning more 4x5 film soon.

  3. look forward to seeing some up here :-)