Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lenses 2

OK something happened.  I took some images with Lenses App yesterday and then again today.  The App has changed somehow.  This App had been pretty much ignored by the developers but I noticed today that there are additional lenses and also the resolution of saved images has improved...and one other thing:

The App splits the viewfinder into 4 parts and 3 of them have a user selectable lens, the fourth (1st) is original.  An image is taken with whatever quadrant you select.  Today when I tapped one of the quadrants I found 4 images in camera roll, one from each of the quadrants.  This happened twice but then suddenly stopped.  If this is one of the new features the developer promises it's incredibly cool.  I hope so.

Kaleidoscope, Polar, Quad Mirror, Original of my keyboard

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