Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunday Meandering B

Cold and hungry I passed a pizza joint and as I glanced in a very pretty young woman looked up from her book and smiled at me.  At that instant I knew pizza was the answer.  After I ordered and sat I noticed the woman's red boots and "stole" two quick iPhone images.  She was deeply engrossed in a medical text of some sort so I didn't bother her.

As soon as I downloaded the files into Aperture I knew that there was a great print there.  If I can only get it created.

I put these 2 images together with PROHDR and processed that image first in Photofx and then in PhotoStudio.In the first App I added diffusion, blur and very large grain (with a mask over the girl) and the other gave me desaturation, vignetting and a frame.  Now I have this image:

I'm getting closer but still not there.  The first few manipulations I saw going in to the process, now I'm flailing about a bit.  Perhaps a warmer overall tone to give a sunlight feeling.  The grain effect is a bit too large for my tastes so i will need to rethink that.  It's also possible I suppose that I need to make a decision whether the girl or her boots are the main part of the image.

At any rate I believe that if I can figure this out it will be the best image I've ever made.

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